Event info

Location: 300 N Thomas St Athens, GA 30601 - Grand Hall 8

Date & Time: March 18 - 19 | 11AM - 11PM EST

Game Titles

About us

Athens Online is a gaming expo and mega-LAN hosted by eSports at the University of Georgia in Athens and powered by UMG. The event will consist of universities and gamers from across the South and beyond coming together to enjoy an event filled with competitive tournaments, prize giveaways, and famous YouTubers/celebrities. With nearly 40,000 square feet of open space to set the atmosphere, gamers will be able to enjoy amenities ranging from free on-campus parking to a full blown wired internet network, a variety of booths to enjoy, and more.

At Athens Online, competitive gamers will be able to duke it out on regional stages. Tournament rules can be found here.

PC Titles                                                       Console Titles
League of Legends                                      Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
Overwatch                                                    Super Smash Brothers 4
Counter Strike                                              Super Smash Brothers Melee
Rust Battle Royale                                       Street Fighter V


Schedule of Events

24/7 AFK Lounge
Play any games with your friends! Chill out in between matches! Meet new people!

9:00AM      Registration/Check-In
10:30AM    Overwatch, League, CSGO matches begin
11:30AM    Call of Duty 2v2, Rust Battle Royale, Street Fighter 5 begins

9:00AM     Registration/Check-In
10:30AM   Overwatch, League, CSGO playoffs begin
11:30AM   CoD, Rust Battle Royale, Smash 4 & Smash Melee begins

Giveaways will occur every hour!

Activities/side events for all attendees will be announced soon!


  • OW & LOL players: please download the Plays.TV client prior to the event. 
  • BRING YOUR OWN GEAR! This means your laptop/PC setup, mouse, mousepad, chargers, etc.
    • Bring your own Ethernet & power strip.
    • Console: you can bring your own controllers if you want.
  • Please update your clients prior to the event.
  • You may leave your PC setup at our venue overnight. 


Address of venue: The Classic Center, 300 N Thomas St, Athens, GA 30601

  • There is a drop-off zone. (We'll have signs for you so you can find this place.)
  • Parking is FREE on campus during the weekend. 
    • Classic Center parking is $7 per day. 

Here are free parking options:

  • (You can park anywhere on campus for free on the weekends.)

  • N Campus Parking Deck (6 min walk): Washington Street Deck, 125 W Washington St, Athens, GA 30601

  • The Main Library (10 min walk): UGA Main Library, The University of Georgia, 320 S Jackson St, Athens, GA 30602

  • Parking is FREE on SUNDAY only in Downtown Athens.